The Best Stocks for beginners to Become a Multimillionaires

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Curious but Risk Adverse

Most people want to learn more about investing but don’t like the idea of risk exposure. In this post, I’ll show you the best stocks for beginners and how you can leverage them to meet nearly any goal.

The Stress Less Investment Success Method

It turns out that the best stocks for beginners are actually broadly diversified funds that contain many stocks. Most people already have some kind of investment account through their employer. This is likely a 401k but there are other types of retirement accounts too. You don’t need exotic stock options and daily investment intervention to be a successful investor. All you really need is the stress-less investment success method. It’s easily broken into three parts below.

  • get started investing
  • have a reliable asset allocation
  • don’t panic when things drop

The Best Stocks for Beginners

Best stocks for Beginners
Beginner Investing

There are many different types of asset classes. There are fixed income markets, credit markets, and of course stocks. You don’t really need to worry about the best stocks. Things can greatly be simplified if you just invest in funds that attribute a small portion of your investment to the best stocks or bonds. There are few ways to do this but here are some simple ideas to get you started. Consider investing in index funds that follow market indices. Here is a shortlist of funds to put your money for a sensible investment. These funds will contain the best stocks for beginners.

You can click on any of those to see what funds are actually in there. While people are bickering about what the best stocks are for beginners they forgot that funds like these have a little of all the Best stocks. What stocks are in VOO? Go look, it’s Facebook, Amazon Microsoft, Tesla. You can own a little piece of all these stocks by buying VOO. In a nutshell, this is probably the best thing for a beginner to buy. While there are pros and cons for everything this plan is pretty simple and won’t take much effort to execute.

Naturally, there are other strategies but it’s important to realize that essentially everybody is guessing and as long as your plan makes fundamental sense, and are well diversified you can expect it to be broadly successful.

Know What the Money is for before you Invest

Investing is the midpoint between spending and saving.

Knowing what the money is for can actually help you look at your long-term financial goals and use the power of the market to pay for them today. One obvious example of this is retirement. Most people contribute some of their paychecks to facilitate paying for their retirement. They don’t mind the payment of each investment because they understand that down the road they will need that money.

Another common goal is paying for college. If you leave the task of paying for college to when your kid is 17 you will be naturally be overwhelmed and feel like it’s just plain impossible. If you made some investments when they were a baby they would snowball over time and you will have conquered financing college. In short, knowing what the money will be for can fuel your investments. This mentality is what will enable us to get started rather than be frozen with fear and a victim of eventual expenses.

Choose a Brokerage

Many people have heard some of these brokerage names like TD-Ameritrade, Vanguard, and Fidelity. Which one should you go with ? There is good news here. It actually doesn’t matter all that much. They all principally do the same thing. They are pros and cons to everything and this no exception. Vanguard typically has lower fees but then Schwab has a much better website. For argument’s sake, I’m going to give an example with Vanguard. All you need is a bank account and 10 mins of free time. Here is what you will need to do

  • Know what kind of account you want
  • have a way to fund it
  • make an initial investment.

Make an account here. From there you just need some basic info.

Opening a brokerage account

There are different types of accounts reasons why you might want them. A ROTHIRA is structured as a tax strategy while a brokerage account gives you freedom without government intervention like investment limits and withdrawal rules. Vanguard lets you pick the account type upfront. Here is what it looks like.

Type of investing account

If you need help knowing what account would be good for you leave a comment below.

You will need to connect your bank account to your vanguard account. This pumps in the money that you will be investing. Uninvested money will show up in Vanguard in the settlement fund. This can take days which is why it’s important to get started now.

Once you have money in the settlement fund you can invest. Getting started is one thing, but you want to construct a portfolio that you can add to it over time in the appropriate proportions. This is where robo-traders excel because they can create an ideal portfolio for your goals, manage it and add investments into it in the appropriate proportions.

Asset Allocation for the Win

It turns out you don’t need to be a genius investor that is executing dynamic trades all day long and has their phone alerting on portfolio fluctuations. There is a lot be said on the asset allocation but it really comes down to your goals. In general, you can accomplish more with simple investments and patience than with exhausting schemes. Time in the market is more important than timing the market. Some basic recommendations are the index funds I mentioned above. Look at date-based target funds also.

There are ups and down to all of this but the truth is nobody really knows for sure. There is risk with everything but people often overlook the risk in not investing. A common problem for people is to just not know what to invest in. If you feel like this then you can look into robo-advisors like Vanguard Digital Advisor.

Buy High Sell Low ?

We all know to buy low and sell high but inevitably the market drops and real panic sets in. Investing actually turns out to be emotional. The roller coaster basically says buy because things are shooting through the ceiling and then sell when things are dropping because you are scared. This is what most people do and so they end up buying high and selling low and losing lots of money.

The first lesson here is to see this pattern and not do it yourself. Having a plan for when the market drops is the last step of the Stress Less Investment Success Method. You don’t really need a plan for when the market is up because it’s easier to be a winner. Real investors are made by what they do when the market is down. Plan upfront and not get pressured into making emotional decisions.

Ideally, you want simple investments that you can have faith in to do well for the long term. If you are a long term investor it doesn’t actually matter what the investments do in the short term as long as you get your return in the long term. You can also try out alternative investments like fundrise.

Taking Action …

It’s not enough to read something like this. Take action by opening an account and getting started today. If you need money to get started there are many strategies for that like negotiating your salary. Tell me what you invest in the comments below.

  • BearMoney Dan
    July 1, 2021

    I would totally bet that the market is filled with people who panic sold key index funds like the ones you mentioned, rainy day strategy (and strength) are absolutely key!

    • Adam Wilson
      July 6, 2021

      Selling is the only way to lock in a loss.

  • Ashley Pacheco
    July 4, 2021

    Beginner investors should appreciate info like this. Some people make investing seem way too complicated. It can be, if you make it that way. Those are great stocks to either start out in, or just continue holding forever!

    • Adam Wilson
      July 6, 2021

      Getting started might be the biggest barrier for most people

  • Steve @ The Frugal Expat
    July 5, 2021

    Using index funds is best for beginners and a majority of investors. It is a simple way to invest and allows them to have a wide range of diversification across the market.

    I am a VTI fan, but there is not that much difference between VTI and VOO. These funds can really help out beginners in securing their financial futures.

    • Adam Wilson
      July 6, 2021

      Vanguard funds work, but younger people should consider being even more aggressive.

  • Cristian @ Financial Alien
    July 7, 2021

    Great information for new investors. I personally use Fidelity which has some zero-fee index funds, but Vanguard and Schwab are great options as well.
    Lastly, as your lat point says, taking action is the most important step. Knowledge is power, but without action, it is useless.

    • Adam Wilson
      July 10, 2021

      Fidelity is a good option too. They have banking services colocated with their investment accounts.

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