There are many methods to do your taxes, but what are the pros and cons. Many people want to hire someone to do their taxes. The truth is you are not really getting out of doing the work. You still have to aggregate all the data for this person. It’s likely they are just typing it into Turbotax anyway. Unless you have a complicated tax situation you should probably use Turbotax.

It’s probably what your accountant is using anyway
  • You probably aren’t getting what you pay for with a tax professional. You still have to find all the data to give them. By the time you have it, you can just type it in yourself.
  • Don’t use “Free” tax software. They are collecting your data and spying on you. If you didn’t pay for the product, you are the product.
  • Turbo Tax might seem intimidating at first, but once your are comfortable with the navigation no other process could be easier
  • One way to find the best method for you it to do what you normally but also try Turbo Tax just to compare calculations and effort.

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