Filing your taxes is not a one stop process. In recent years electronic filing has emerged the preferred way to file them. Once you submit them then still need to be accepted, money needs to be transacted and audits or follow ups can happen. Turbo Tax allows for filing of both state and federal taxes. If you pay someone to do your taxes is likely they will also efile them.

Things to know

  • Tax software is the easiest way to file you taxes. Here is what it looks like in Turbo Tax.
  • Beware of identity theft. In the last ten years there has been an uptick in people filing bogus tax returns in your your name for the purposes of getting a refund. When you go to file your taxes the IRS will respond by telling you they already have your return. This should be a red flag to you will to contact the IRS and Federal Trade Commission to file a report. Not only is this a giant hassle but if you are expecting a refund it will now take a long time to get it.
  • You won’t avoid identity theft by avoiding electronic filing. Identity thieves will efile to steal a refund from the IRS. It doesn’t matter how you file your taxes. The only compelling issue is that they file a return before you do.

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