Tax laws change frequently and in recent years, we have seen some of the biggest ones ever. You are going to need help to inevitably need help to get you tax questions answered. This is one reason why people like the face to face interaction with a tax professional. While it’s understandable to feel like this you should feel content that most of your tax questions can be answered via email. Don’t forget that you are not alone here and it’s like that your question has been asked and answered before. Turbo Tax has a collection of these asked and answered questions that you search here.

Key points

  • It’s unlikely that it’s worth your while to spend money for someone to do your taxes because you think you might need help. It’s much easier and cheaper to ask a question and get an answer.
  • Don’t forget most tax questions have been asked and answered. By tapping into a product like Turbo Tax you can search their questions and answers.
  • Help is always available in the Turbo Tax product. The question search is in the upper right part of the screen. Check it out.

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