The outcome of your taxes is really dictated by you. It’s all starts with your W4 that you file with your employer. Don’t forget that you filing income taxes.

Tax services don’t get you a refund, this form does!

Your income comes for your job and this is the starting point for the whole process. It’s funny to see tax commercials that promise “the biggest refund”. Your refund is almost completely dictated by what you put on that form. You can get a giant refund if you are willing to take a small paycheck for the whole year.

Think about what success means

  • The W4 is a really a choice between loosing money in your paycheck or writing the IRS a check in April.
  • Don’t try to exploit the system. The IRS has a calculator for your for your W4 here , it’s not perfect but it’s a good starting point.
  • Don’t try to rig it so you get a giant refund and act like it’s a accomplishment and then blow the money on a frivolous thing.
  • Truthfully, you should aim to owe them a little. This way you are not waiting for a refund. You mail your check, and if they have “problems” you have done your part. If you are getting a huge refund back you have given them an interest free loan. The government doesn’t need the money, you do. A wise man said, “you have to pay your taxes, you don’t have to leave a tip”.

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