Taxes can get complicated. Beyond getting help you might encounter special circumstances that might need more specific help. One example of this type situation would be living in more than one state in a given tax year. Other situations might be owning rental or vacation property. Divorce can also jam up your conventional tax calculations. For situations like these you might want to get someone to do you taxes for you. They key point though is there is a difference between an expert handling your unique situation in one year and deferring to him ad infinitum.

Key points …

  • Taxes can get complicated. Throughout the year, take note if you are doing something that will make for an odd ball tax situation. Life changing events are usually the trigger.
  • Consider using an expert to handle these situations for your. Depending on the situation you might just need a question answered but you also might want to consider getting your taxes done for you in these special cases.
  • Turbtax is more versatile than you might think. It can handle multiple state files within in a year. I have done this myself and it was very manageable. It can handle things like rental properties and businesses but you might need to buy additional software for these situations.

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