There is tons of advice out there on how to get your taxes done. With all conflicting advice what is the “right” way? If you think about it you’ll come to the conclusion that there is no right way. There is only the way that is right for you. It all depends on how sophisticated your situation is. The more complicated your situation is the more likely you’ll need professional help to get your taxes done. Below are some broad guidelines to help you get started .

Do them yourself

If you tax situation just boils down to you are single or married and one or both of you have a job. You should do your own taxes. Turbotax can easily handle this situation even if you have a few strange factors like a home office or you moved in the past year. Doing your taxes yourself should be the answer for most people. Ultimately it’s just data entry and if you are a little patient you can easily handle this on your own

What does the Government want you to do

The Irs … it’s a real place

In short, the government wants you to pay them. We don’t want to dive down a political rabbit hole here but all of us filing taxes is ridiculous anyway. The IRS already has the information that all of file from you employer. The reason the system remains static in the sense that we all file tax returns is largely to government lobbying. Tax software companies lobby congress to keep the system like this so they can maintain their customer base and stay in business. Therefore the government wants you to use Turbo Tax even though they would claim to be tax preparation agnostic.

Pros are There to Help

If you do have a complicated tax situation you might want to hire a certified public accountant. These situations include but are not limited to divorce, owing a business that operates out of several states or owning rental property. You can always try Turbo Tax for any situation and bail out if it becomes overwhelming.

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